Arwoc News – New Years Special – January 2018

Our ARWOC-WhatsApp Group

Hello ARWOC-Members!
This is our ARWOC New Years Special – January 2018. You will find some good updates on our website and I create our new ARWOC-WhatsApp group! It’s time to improve our ARWOC-conversation. I would like to invite you to our NEW ARWOC-WhatsApp group!

  • Think before you posts critical things

  • Be sure if you want to post Kids and/or family pictures

  • Don’t share videos with really stupid or bad input

  • Let’s try to update our life’s

  • ARWOC should stay like it is - Our friendship network.

I will invite you by your mobile number. If you changed it please let me know. Group name: Arwoc // Mobile: +49179-1153054

Hope to see you during the year, greetings from Erlangen!

Arwoc & Giddyap
Your „Old McCormick“ Ulf